Muji & Curves

House Type – HDB 4 Room
location - fernvale glades

Introduction to Muji and Wabi-Sabi

Muji interior design and minimalist Wabi-Sabi interior design offer unique interpretations of minimalism, each with a distinct focus that complements the other. While Muji’s approach is more about creating functional, straightforward spaces with a clean, modern look, Wabi-Sabi leans into the aesthetic value of imperfection and natural materials, promoting a sense of calm and contentment. Together, these design philosophies contribute to the evolving landscape of minimalist interior design in Singapore, offering pathways to serene, purposeful living spaces that highlight the virtues of less is more. By incorporating elements of both minimalist Muji interior design and minimalist Wabi-Sabi interior design, homeowners can achieve a balanced, harmonious environment that speaks to the soul’s desire for simplicity and authenticity.

Curves, Minimalism, and Muji Inspirations

3 keywords are given as the brief which are Curves, Minimalism and Muji.
Neutral tones and selective wood elements were introduced to give a feel of calmness.
Curves and Arcs was placed around the house to soften and create a fluid visual flow from the main entrance all the way to the end of the bedrooms

A video tour of the home is available for viewing here.

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The layout of this unit is narrowly rectangular where the dining area is the first space to greet you once enter this home. It is of importance that this communal area gives a nice welcome and invitation to gather. The dining table is carefully selected, while the organic shaped mirrors helped to enlarge the space in a non-traditional way.

Minimalist Muji Interior Design
Minimalist Muji Interior Design Singapore
Minimalist Wabi-Sabi Interior Design

The living area’s TV wall which is also the start of the walk way to the bedrooms was reconstructed to become a prominent curved wall. This allows the walkway entrance to be bigger and also helps make the living area larger and connected to the other spaces of the home. Textured effect paint was also used to further highlight the wall as a focal feature in the living area.

Minimalist Wabi-Sabi Interior Designer
Muji Interior Design Singapore

The kitchen’s colours are uniform to the overall design cues of the home, giving the very warm and cosy vibes synonymous with Muji interior design. The kitchen space was further enlarged by removing the wall and doors of the yard allowing the continuation of cabinets to reach till the end.

Wabi-Sabi Interior Design

The common bathroom ‘s contrasting idea of the tiles selection was taken from the inspiration of a bamboo forest in urban setting where the small green tiles represents the bamboo, wooden plank like tiles would be the tree branches complete with grey stone tiles for the urban feel.

Wabi-Sabi Interior Design Singapore

The default master bedroom was deemed too small for the owners and the idea of having the adjacent common bedroom to combine into a bigger space was welcomed.

It was proposed that the sleeping area is to be in the common bedroom while the master bedroom is transformed into a full-fledged walk in wardrobe with plenty of wardrobe space. This arrangement helps cater to the owner’s lifestyle as they each start their day at different timings.

The design details of the carpentry wardrobe is curved and flows throughout the room, an arc mirror is placed on this particular wardrobe door where the reflection brings the visibility of both areas together.

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The fluted glass arched door creates a statement to the en suite master bathroom at the walk in wardrobe area. It was an extension of space to create a spa like experience where the towels and essentials are shelved near the entrance. The tiles chosen for the bathroom is to create a Zen like ambience with wooden plank like tiles for the shower while the vanity basin area houses a feature of small rounded grey tiles completed with surrounding stone tiles.

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Muji and Wabi-Sabi offer two distinct yet complementary approaches to minimalist living. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek simplicity of Muji or the raw beauty of Wabi-Sabi, both philosophies invite us to cultivate spaces that nurture the soul and celebrate the beauty of everyday life. Embrace minimalism with the essence of Muji interior design, and discover the tranquil beauty of Wabi-Sabi.

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