“Interior Design is a chemistry of space, objects and people”.

 The Interior Maison strives to provide a holistic approach to every project by actively listening, placing the client preferences and lifestyle needs as the focal point at every stage of planning. We look forward to space related challenges and design wants, outdoing standard norms with personalized proposals and exceed expectations in the end result. 

Every home is different and made unique for you by The Interior Maison.

Dark & Cosy Ambiance - BTO Interior Design

Interior Design Services

Design Consultation

Having an idea in mind? Not sure where to begin or how to adapt the idea into your space? We help to discover your preferences, narrow down the choices and make your dream into reality.

Space Planning

“Style Over Substance” or “Form Follow Function”?
In space planning, we recognize that not every space is suitable for certain design and not every design is suitable for a particular space. We plan for you the most ideal layouts by understanding your lifestyle preferences and family needs.

3D Drawings

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts“.
This is where the proposed materials, furnishes and fittings are put together into the space plan, presented to you through 3D Perspective Drawings for the visualization of your space.

Project Management

Fundamentally it is all about good communication habits we practice with our clients and within our team.
We are full of constructive solutions and look forward to overcoming challenges with great interest!

Interior Decoration

Our interior design firm will look for the perfect lighting lumens to elevate your space, recommending the right furniture and complementing furnishes that will put the icing on the cake!


We are a CaseTrust Accredited Interior Design Firm.
We are HDB licensed and complies with HDB rules and regulations for the related renovation works. We are well experienced in the field of residential interior design.


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